segunda-feira, 6 de abril de 2009

The Soap Opera Continues...

...And its evolving to an extremely dangerous level of insanity. Feels like some sort of evil creature hadcuffed me with stainless steel shackles that won't be opened or broken for anything in this damn stupid world. And it wasn't just my hands...I'm trapped to some kind of cheap metaphor that keeps pounding my duff head. Cheesy, huh? Guess so...and particularly disturbing as it keeps me away from the real concerns of my everyday life.

Do you know how it feels to be unable to focus on something you really want to do, even if it's part of the most important goal you want to achieve in life, part of the enterprise needed to porsue your dreams? That's me right now. I'm unable to connect with every other form of life, human, dancer, vegetable and so on, besides that vicious feeling that bears a non-human form, but it isn't material as well. L O L (like 'Él Oh Él', seriously...). How come I've come to this? I really need to get things straight, to work this shit out...and it's now beginning to feel like a primary need, just like eating or sleeping...and by the way, that's what I'm gonna do now...sleep. Rush to my best very fast and furious, dive into the sheets and in about two hours I might be sleeping.

Shoot me. N-O-W! Vol.2

(I'm seriously beggining to thik I was born to suffer...and my alter-ego isn't Jose Seita like a big friend of mine suggested a while's in fact Jesus can only be Mom's name is Maria and my father's Jose...can I recall any other major detail? Is it enough?)


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