quinta-feira, 23 de abril de 2009

dot dot dot

Hay que hallar algo que hacer para que tu mente no sea tomada de asalto desde el alba hasta la puesta del sol, ademas que se empeore durante la noche y no te deje dormir. Y tiene que ser algo que traiga una semilla para que no caigas en la tentacion de la despreciar así que esteas harto. La aviacion a mi me ayuda muchisimo, y la aconsejo a todos, aunque no les guste al primer experimento, es frecuente que 'escarabajo' psicologico te tome la mente y los sentidos. Una solucion mas drastica? Salir de aqui, para el lugar mas lejos que te pase por la cabeza. Lejos y desprovisto de todo a lo que estas acostumbrado. Uno se puso un libro de auto-ayuda en la cabecera y dormio sobre el asunto hasta que amanezca y desperte con una idea al azar.

En la vida todo se pasa al azar. Y eso no me cae nada bien.


So young and naive of me to think he was from your past! Silly of me to dream of one day having your kids...love is so blind it feels right when it's wrong. It'll take me some time but I will move on. Cause more and more I realise that it's all about me and my hustlers and my divas and my people. And if it ain't a ring on the finger from the very beggining, I'll put my hand in your face and I'll say 'YOUR BAD! Oh oh oh!'

quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2009

Banging head on wall

The male queer will grab! ahahhaha

segunda-feira, 6 de abril de 2009

The Soap Opera Continues...

...And its evolving to an extremely dangerous level of insanity. Feels like some sort of evil creature hadcuffed me with stainless steel shackles that won't be opened or broken for anything in this damn stupid world. And it wasn't just my hands...I'm trapped to some kind of cheap metaphor that keeps pounding my duff head. Cheesy, huh? Guess so...and particularly disturbing as it keeps me away from the real concerns of my everyday life.

Do you know how it feels to be unable to focus on something you really want to do, even if it's part of the most important goal you want to achieve in life, part of the enterprise needed to porsue your dreams? That's me right now. I'm unable to connect with every other form of life, human, dancer, vegetable and so on, besides that vicious feeling that bears a non-human form, but it isn't material as well. L O L (like 'Él Oh Él', seriously...). How come I've come to this? I really need to get things straight, to work this shit out...and it's now beginning to feel like a primary need, just like eating or sleeping...and by the way, that's what I'm gonna do now...sleep. Rush to my best very fast and furious, dive into the sheets and in about two hours I might be sleeping.

Shoot me. N-O-W! Vol.2

(I'm seriously beggining to thik I was born to suffer...and my alter-ego isn't Jose Seita like a big friend of mine suggested a while ago...it's in fact Jesus Christ...it can only be Jesus...my Mom's name is Maria and my father's Jose...can I recall any other major detail? Is it enough?)


domingo, 5 de abril de 2009

Je suis a devenir fou. Et je peu escrire en français aussi. Surpreise!

Bienvenue à Suvarnabhumi!

0318 GMT


Estoy enloqueciéndome. Jaja! Mi vida es como el cuento de gallo capón. Así como que por entero! Como que si alguien me lo calvó en la cabeza como si fuera un cucillo. O dos...aunque sepa muy bien lo que quiero decir no lo puedo. Lo poderia intentar a repelones, pero simplesmente no es posible transponerlo de la cabeza hasta las manos. Punto.


GMT +3


That's what it is.

How can you be sure bout what's going on inside others minds? YOU CAN'T! OBAMA LIED! NO WE CAN'T!


Lately I've been living like I'm in te east coast of the US...talkin' about the timezone, of course. Going to bed at 3am, falling asleep one hour later. And that's quite an amusing hour I got to experience everyday. As if it wasn't enough for my brain to be in a permanent storm all day long, when I'm lying under the sheets with my eyes closed (for an ephemerous moment I recalled a song I've been listening to a LOT (not the Polish flag carrier) these days), it keeps assaulting me with the most different types of thoughts.
But today, as I write this cheesy post, It's focused on something else. Something I've really trying to avoid, but that's not possible no more! My brain is in love. Not me, my brain. I've been afraid, I've been peaceful, I've been hopping, I've been dreaming and even growling as a reflection of these strange kind of greeeeed!

Shoot me. N-O-W!