domingo, 5 de abril de 2009


Lately I've been living like I'm in te east coast of the US...talkin' about the timezone, of course. Going to bed at 3am, falling asleep one hour later. And that's quite an amusing hour I got to experience everyday. As if it wasn't enough for my brain to be in a permanent storm all day long, when I'm lying under the sheets with my eyes closed (for an ephemerous moment I recalled a song I've been listening to a LOT (not the Polish flag carrier) these days), it keeps assaulting me with the most different types of thoughts.
But today, as I write this cheesy post, It's focused on something else. Something I've really trying to avoid, but that's not possible no more! My brain is in love. Not me, my brain. I've been afraid, I've been peaceful, I've been hopping, I've been dreaming and even growling as a reflection of these strange kind of greeeeed!

Shoot me. N-O-W!

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