domingo, 17 de maio de 2009

hey y'all

i' kinda torn down cause i realised that my english is no good. i need to get to practice it a little more often. i'm seriously considering participating in a program by St Bedes summer school, in which i've frequented several summer courses over the past years, named 'discover london'. but only by summer 2010, cause for '09 i've already stuff packed my schedulle. today i met beyonce's dancers and band...they were all so fun and nice to me! but i honestly think it was cause i actually got stg to talk about while the other people waiting to see the wannabe-diva could only scream (and they didnt even spoke english...i was asked several times to translate their conversations...omg! guess my 2nd language skills are not that bad after all, are they? anyway...) and show how nervous they were for being partof that seldom oportunity of hangin out with those pretty normal people i say.... i found out that her main guitar player is from atlanta, ga, and she's quite funny indeed! started to pose for photos like she's totally crazy. met one of the suga mama's too...not as fat as she seems on stage, but still...and one of her stylists chatted quite a bit with me and laughed at some stupid stuff i was sayin about gettin some coffe at starbucks before makin my way to the queue outside the concert hall, and even replied to a plain 'my name is antonio' with a funny 'i can get that' meant stg else i guess! ahahahah! not funny....ok, movin on...
we were nicknamed the crazy drivers by some guy from b's staff and we were told that she wouldnt leave the hotel till tomorrow but we decided to wait a bit, in vain, and then we left. bbq e andreia's tonight...i'm missin it, but it never minds cause tomorrow i'm having a blaaassst! (Shaki's waaaayyyy better, i'll keep sayin it on and on for the rest of my life cause i'm commited to the truth...believe me!)

ps - dreamed of beyonce last night...i was tellin her 'oh, i made a portuguese version of 'if i were a boy' and its called 'se eu fosse um boi' and she was lookin at me with the weirdest face on earth and then i explained it to her 'boi is like a male cow, you get that?' ahahah!

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